The fall was pretty bad. Your leg is definitely broken, but at least you escaped those things. And you've still got your gun. You've made it to the car park; there's a security guard's cart in the corner with the keys still in the ignition. You crawl into the seat and start it up. Now you can move faster, and hopefully escape.
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
TagsHorror, Survival Horror, Top down shooter


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Cool little game, quite fun!

simple, fun & challenging!

great game


with the same atmosphere as your endoparasitic this is a fun little game

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great game

by any chance can we get a full release with customizable carts with gun mounts and faster engine to out run those "things"

Yes, this would be nice.

great game 👍


cool game but add honking


honk to lure enemies

Me gusó mucho!! Buen trabajo!!

Interesting concept!

Cool game here's a speedrun


i love miziziziz games. i love playing as a fucking cripple

i like to think those blue blobs are polar bears, this game is so silly and fun i love it


ez game ez life


Deleted post

Make a mobile version please i would like to see one

I'm really enjoyed playing this game. Cool game

Short but not bad at all for what it was. Made a video on it.


Truth be told the car felt very much like tank controls, which is what made the game so good. You are very weak in this world and the game portrays this perfectly.


Nice little game, inspired by a nice bigger game. Overall pretty nice.


WDYM inspired, he's the creator of the original game


even better

wait for real?


Check the account ??? We're on, which, indeed, contain endoparasitic


oh God lol why am i having fun in this , it plays very well and the car control is so good 


What a great little experience! Are some of the zombies invisible, or maybe it glitched on me? Well, either way, it doesn't matter, I figured it was just a ghost zombie. Happy Halloween!


Good game

Sweet 5 minute experience


:) Nice I like it!!


Nice, me likey


I always love seeing new games from you! :D Really enjoyed the car as a movement mechanic. 


have there be segments where the player has to crawl on the ground, but they cannot shoot, like stealth segments, (a door being locked where the button is on the other side of it, but there are vents and rooms leading to the otherside of the door, a vent that has a new weapon.)

Pretty fun game! Great art style and atmosphere!