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Rip out enemies organs and equip them in your own body. Fight biopunk monsters and drugged-up space bandits. You are a Gajeshian Cultist: A near-mythological being built from the bodies of long-dead saints. You have arrived on the partially terraformed planet of Colcol on a temple-ordained mission to find and kill someone. Explore the planet and trace your victims steps to the end.

- organ based stat system
- literal finger gun
- 11 unique enemies
- 15 guns
- 3 boss fights
- dozens of quests
- 3 biomes to explore

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
GenreAction, Shooter
Tags3D, biopunk, First-Person, Retro


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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wrought-flesh-windows-64.zip 453 MB
Version 10
wrought-flesh-windows-32.zip 453 MB
Version 9
wrought-flesh-linux.zip 455 MB
Version 9
wrought-flesh-mac.zip 468 MB
Version 9


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Cool themes, graphics, and music. It’s a shame the game has so many bugs and frame-rate issues. My fps was all over the place, the game would stutter a lot, freezes are to be expected, and the game crashed while loading a save (at which point I stopped playing). I also had many quests just never “resolve” in the quest log, even though they were. I had one time where I exhausted dialogue, completed a quest, yet the reward was not unlocked. Fights are hindered by the frame-rate issues and stuttering. The terraworm boss fight frustrated me to no end; I almost quit playing. I wish I could get a refund.

played this game 2 years late. made a video review and analysis of my playthrough. gud game.



Any plans to update?


It was updated a few days ago. There's also a new trailer for the update.

Wrought Flesh: The Purple Sands of Cumulun - Release Trailer

More updates later this year are also planned.


what engine was this made in?



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I love this game, great concept, great movement, great execution. But the game is too short in my opinion, if it had more.. everything, it'd easily be one of my top 5 favorite games. I'd say consider getting a small dev team and either remaking it or adding onto it by making dlc or a new game entirely.

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Hi, I’m writing this “bug report” after updating the game yesterday (w64 version, 14/02/2022), as it appears the update may have broken the desktop icon for some reason. It’s not a default godot one.

Programming do be like that sometimes, I guess.



The game should come with its own game icon instead of a default Godot one imo. Something like this: https://imgur.com/G2rBhrB


As a matter of fact, it used to! It was the Heart item icon from the game’s inventory system. It apparently broke with a recent update, for some reason. Hell, it was much more elegant than the GOG style icon you’re proposing. Looked pretty good next to Vomitoreum and Hedon.

Hopefully Miz takes a peek at the comments and notices! This shouldn’t be too hard a fix.


The latest update seems to have fixed it again and you where right: that heart icon for the shortcut looks cool.


Another beautiful day in this game. I was wondering if this had anything more to add after the first area, but it really seems like I'm in for a ride.

Janky, but fun.  I'm now totally convinced that Godot isn't the right engine for 3D, but who cares?  It's another actual FPS game and not a modern pieces of crap where you move like an arthritic sloth and have to use nauseating, disorienting "Aim Down Sights" in order to hit anything.  It's fast, responsive, and the theme and concept is weird as hell.  I love it!


one can enjoy both. ready or not and this will both be my jams.


With 4.0 coming out soon, Godot's 3D abilities should improve


Congrats on the launch :D


I love the mechanics, I love the world and lore and most of all: I love that I get to see the results of a project I've been following from the very beginning. 

Thanks Miziziziz


Congrats on launching the game!


This game is pretty fun and the world is interesting and memorable. Everything is pretty rough beyond that.

Effort is clearly visible, but it's also noticeable that one person made the whole thing in a relatively short timespan. I know that it would not be sensible to demand more of this one-man-product, but I can see very much why people think of the price as being too high. Even in the indie market a product, no matter how ambitious, rises and falls with the amount of resources available. And even though miz himself put lots of effort in, games made by teams of 3 or more people just tend to have a lot more detail. So then having the price of a product that usually has much more, well, content while not delivering as much is not justified for many, even though it might seem like it for the dev. 

Creativity matters. 10/10

Resources matter also. 2/10

You could see it like this: While Fifa has a large team behind it, it's uninspired as hell so a huge price does not make sense. Wrought Flesh is like the opposite of that but it still results in the same outcome.

Conclusion: Lower the price even if it feels like it's worth more. But more importantly. Please keep going! Try to find people to collaborate with / hire! Grow your resources! Bonus points if you manage to do it without selling out to sponsors.

I'll gladly see what the future holds, if this potential is used well. Good luck Miz! 

I honestly look up to you.


i want to play itttt but i dont have money


Haven’t gotten very far but I’m enjoying it so far! Is there an official area to report bugs, though? I feel like everyone dumping them into this comment section would get hard to keep track of


You could tell him in a stream


There's an issue with the Mac version! Downloaded it, and it says: "'Wrought Flesh' is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash"

I downloaded it twice to make sure it wasn't a corrupted zip.

However, I am running it on a Mac with the M1 chip, so maybe that's the problem??


I'm on an Intel 2020 Mackbook and cannot launch the game either, same error

1 Please open terminal and add this code ( xattr -cr ) 

2 Press space and drag the game file 

3 press enter and open the file 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJC3xz-MPq4 ) ]

1 Please open terminal and add this code ( xattr -cr ) 

2 Press space and drag the game file 

3 press enter and open the file 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJC3xz-MPq4 ) ]


Too bad I don't have a credit card

Deleted post

good. it was good.


How can a trailer ruin a game for you?

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I will buy it for sure!


Definitely buying when I get a job :(

I've watched your devlogs on youtube and really enjoy them!


wooo congrats for launching! :D