WASD to Move

Left Click to select letters

Right Click to submit word

R to clear selected letters

Source Code: https://github.com/Miziziziz/WordmanSavesTheDay


If nominated, you have two weeks to make a 1 minute game in some way inspired by the game that nominated you.

Once finished, put #ChainLetterJam in your game description, a link to the game that nominated you, and then nominate two other devs (or less or more, whatever, this isn't a chain letter where you die in three days if you don't).

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(11 total ratings)
Tagschain-letter-jam, Word game


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Yo I just wanted to say I absolutely love this concept! I'd love to see the links to the games out of this on this page somewhere, So I'm going to go ahead and add the ones that I have found, including the link to mine :P
Thanks to miz for starting this!
And thanks to Vimlark for nominating me to this awesome jam!

Waiting to get nominated



I would also, love to get nominated XD

nice ;D

Very challenging!!! Took me a couple tries to actually beat the boss and dodge the bullets at the same time


impressive for a game this short, the chiptune music felt badass, as always, awesome work!


Nice concept! Frustrating but addictive.


This game is great :D

Very cool