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Voyager-19 is a short horror game where you control a decaying spacecraft exploring distant star systems.


  • Explore different star systems
  • Photograph planets with a slow display camera
  • Record radio waves coming off planets
  • Navigate star systems with a basic star map
  • Manage what systems get power as your nuclear battery decays
  • Struggle to see as pixels die from interstellar radiation
  • Uncover the mystery of a missing science expedition


With the invention of hibernation technologies it is now possible for humans to travel to the stars. However, the Magella Science Expedition, the first manned mission to other star systems, has been declared missing after failing to establish communications.

You have been chosen to captain the hastily designed Voyager-19 space probe; a rudimentary spacecraft equipped with a hibernation pod and fractional light-speed capable engines, to search for the missing science mission.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
Tags3D, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Minimalist, Short


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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Version 4
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Version 4


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Apk please??

really enjoyed it, it's actually the first time i play a game of this kind, very captivating and the way the story uncovers is great.

Hey there! your games and ideas are cool and id like to work with you to cover your sound needs, if youre interested hmu :)

discord 6bythefire

Absolutely worth $4. Good work everyone


idk if its worth 3 pounds but it is very, very good

Cool. I liked.

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Great game, it's very unsettling, great jumpscares. Full gameplay on my YouTube.



You have been chosen to captain the hastily designed Voyager-19 space probe; a rudimentary spacecraft equipped with a hibernation pod and fractional light-speed capable engines, to search for the missing science mission.

Ackshually, my car has a fractional light-speed capable engine as well πŸ€“

!πŸ€“ Nerd alert πŸ€“! cool, you sent off my nerd alert.

pretty good and well designed game. Its kind of similar to iron lung but you are space but other than I enjoyed it

this was a good game, I loved every bit of it! space is amazing!~ the ending was awesome!

Once I got the controls down and understood what I was doing. This was insanely fun and that jump scare at the end definitely got me. Can't wait to see more from you. Voyager 19 starts at 0:54:04




When I watched a gameplay video of it, what was that planetary mimicking creature supposed to be, at first I never seen a cosmic predator before until I have seen it on Manly's video. What is involved in the missing ship as well as swallowing up the current ship you're playing as.


Definitely similar to Iron Lung in all the best ways! As everyone else is saying I'm sure this will get extremely popular. I was not very gifted with the controls, but it was still a very ominous chilling experience!

Absolutely amazing! Scared the crap out of me in the best way. The ending... holy hell.


Loved it! I'm sure you'll be hearing Iron Lung comparisons until the space cows come home, but I honestly think this is much more fun. Awesome work!


fun. Nicely done. 

Needs something to bind it all together like the old star trek plot "save the enterprise before its destroyed by taking these space pictures so Bones can come up with a serum for space madness." 

The encrypted files made no sense for me. 

The progressive loss of power was never explained or I missed it. 

Needs some slight narrative adjustments. I liked it. 

The progressive lack of power is because the spacecraft is powered with a RTG. As the radioactive isotopes age, they heat up progressively less.

This is a direct reference to Voyager 1/2's RTGs.


Apk for free please? πŸ™πŸ˜


How about supporting devs for their hard work instead?

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Are you broke?




i just know this game is gonna blow up and yters finna play it

ΒΏcuantas versiones de este juego hay? este juego es bueno para los que quieren conocer algo del espacio.like

please more of this. so cool


Humanity spend 19 voyagers to released what they can put human on it.


gosh i love when the sci-fi gets eldritch !!!


Same. I love space horror.


Does anyone know if there are multiple endings? It feels like I should be able to do something extra on the final mission but not entirely sure.


I'm wondering the same thing... If there was a proper end game screen or something I'd assume it's just what is supposed to happen. However, since the button on the screen after you die says "Begin" and it takes you back to the main menu with an option to "Continue" it makes it seem like it's a Game Over screen instead of the intended end of the game. Am I missing something??

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The last mission of this game is worth the price of admission alone. Just a magical ending that really pulled me into the dark fantasy the game's going for.

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I like the "figure out your space ship controls on your own" method of introducing the game. It left me with some questions. I thought i was going juggle my life support to finish a mission, but i never had to in the end (unless i didn't find the correct ending). Interesting concept. I think it could be refined more

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Hi! Would love to try out a demo of this game. Any change you'd add it? :)

the game is only about 30 minutes long anyway. A demo would be silly tbh.

Every picture i take = NOT CENTERED
I dont get it.

are you using opengl or vulkan?

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how in the actual hell did this game make my GTX 1650's temperature rise to 71C(base is usually 30-35C) despite having very simplistic graphics

please, please please optimize the game!
even Buckshot Roulette runs with better temps than this!(max 50C)

game and concept's really cool and I bought it on launch, though I only played it for ~2 minutes(3 planets into the first mission) before I got worried, as no other indie game(or game I own, for that matter) has made my gpu heat up this much and I didn't wanna risk severe overheating

game ran just fine at 60fps otherwise

if you update and optimise the game I'll happily change the review to something actually related to the game instead of me complaining about temperature issues

sorry :(

Title screen GPU temperatures. Jumped to 46C right on launch, with rising temperatures. Image is not indicative of temperatures provided in the comment.

someone else mentioned it was maxing gpu and running at 2500fps, I'm going to add a vsync option today and can check if that fixes it

Good news, your fix worked! My GPU isn't screaming in agony anymore.

In the future, please consider adding vsync(or a frame limiter) by default to your 3D titles.

Thank you so much!!! :D


Voyager-19 has high "fun density": for its little content, it is of high quality. The experience was atmospheric, and I loved it. Though a bit of a slow burner at first, the plot twist and climax are memorable -- I jumped out of my seat at least twice, and Voyager-19 my eyes wide open and my jaw agape at the end.

Absolutely worth $4.00 USD for its ~30 minutes of fun.

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Game is very interesting and fun up to where you have very little power, making it so for every action that'd take 5 seconds previously, it now takes 15, to set up everything right. Iron Lung, that definitely inspired this game, had the mechanic of actually piloting the ship through a tight map, and that made the 'just doing your job waiting for something to happen' part way more fun than just pressing buttons like in this game. One other thing is that the things you'd take pictures of in Iron Lung were actually kind of interesting, big teeth and bones, something I didn't feel with voyager-19 as most of them were just normal planets with eerie sounds. This is just my opinion though, sorry if this seems harsh, this game is very polished and has a really good concept. Hope this helps!


Great game Miziziziz! I've been following the devlogs and was looking forward to picking this up as soon as it was available.

One minor feedback point: The screen noise by mission 4 makes it very very hard to read text at all. I know it's used for effect but potentially if the noise could be dampened around text somehow? Or maybe some other effect to portray decay. I hope this helps!


Isn't the point of the noise to make it hard to read the text? Isn't that why it's there


In the description it says "Struggle to see as pixels die from interstellar radiation"


i think thats literally the point if you want to read the text you can decrypt the one you havent read sooner in the game


i did not play the game im just commenting