an experiment in making an inaccessible game

this is the flashless version

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There is a webgl build

Not inaccesible enough... Pff noob :___:

They should've made it for Gizmondo


I hear it for the first time so, EXACTLY.

that screech made my cat go crazy.

Where is the flashy version


A masterpiece.


good game but needs improvement


holy fuck i have to put my face against the screen

I tolled me to go down and then I died...
Ok? o.O

wrong pixel or bad hearing xd, that part was easy, i had to play with 250% zoom I have good eye sight but I was tired missing pixel by pixel

Same, at some point I just didn't wanna bother with the eye strain xD


this is infuriating even if you're not colorblind/deaf/have bad vision lol


1st try easy


i knew i was a little red green colorblind but DAMN

'Twas fun.
Way to accessible though.
After all, it can be beaten.


you are a sick person... and I love it 

i held the up key for too long in the sound part and i'm NOT going trough the loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong color maze again

i got lost at the very end so i just went up and down until i went left then down and right, sad there is not audio for when u win besides the buzzing

I think i might be colourblind, i can't make apart the green lines and the white background, or i just have a bad monitor.

gaming on the 80's tv screen I see


I hate it

10/10 would die again


Just realized Im half deaf in my right ear lol


Oh no


Haha, try again next time, you have been FOOLED! I have won and all it costed me was my eardrums muahaha!


That "go direction" sounds seems one of those ASMR videos.
Proud of having making it through this <3



I can't go up ;-;

mac? well buy or use a usb keyboard


the PROBLEM is that it's not loading for me



aight fug this

i win.          EPIC

Tried once, ~30seconds into it I died, Gave up..!
Really awesome game! <3

Cool :)

Game isnt loading


where is ze' flashing lights m8?

lol i dont have 20/20 vision but i can ZOOM IN HAHAHA DIE XDD


first try baybee


it keeps saying that everytime I try to play it


guess thats another inaccessibility base he covere


This was exactly as frustrating to play as I expected. Congratulations, even for someone who is not hit by any of the accessibility hurdles it is still painful^^


AAAAAAAAAAAAAA last corner he didnt say anything :(

go right


Needs to be only on Mac to make it truly inaccessible


Oh no, I've been bamboozled


The audio section was actually kinda fun.


How did you possibly get there


its so easy i finished it sadly it has no ending

You Win


I really like how you made it accessible for everyone by making it browser playable. Thanks!


5 Stars, because this purposely shows how it should not be done.


Thanks I hate it.