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You're the last surviving from your unit.

A terrible affliction lies in these depths, and it's gotten to you, too.

Can you stave off your rot long enough to find a cure?

  • Unique controls: Right arm is paralyzed and legs must be controlled manually
  • Guns are manually reloaded through a series of inputs
  • 3 different types of guns
  • Windows, Mac & Linux

Miziziziz - Programming / Design

Angela He - Art / Music / Writing

Made with Godot.

Known Issues

  • Godot 4 nullptr crash on certain scene switches


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Neural Rot Linux 121 MB
Neural Rot Windows 121 MB
Neural Rot Mac 151 MB

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I absolutely loved this game, it's kind of hard, but not so hard as to be a rage game. The only time I raged was when it said "to be continued." I can't wait for the next update. Thanks to the develeper (miziziziz) for this awsome game.

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I'm having issues getting the game to run properly on Windows, the game starts up and the audio plays but the screen is black. The music changes when I click on the center of the screen so I assume I clicked on the start button but I still get a black screen. Can someone help?

UPDATE: I found a fix for the issue, the problem was that my gpu was too old for the version of vulkan it was trying to use and the fix was creating a shortcut for Neural Rot.exe (or console version) and adding --rendering-driver opengl3 at the end of the target.

The game's aesthetics are amazing and I love the celestial sounding music/sound design from the videos I saw, plus the mechanics would be really interesting to play around with as an Endoparasitic fan

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it looks nice and I like how its difficulty with controls I experience. Possibly it does inspiration like endoparasitic and some other's are tough


Really cool! I'm a fan of both devs already so seeing you two collab was exciting to see. Keep it up :]


this feels like endoparasitic- honestly if you did take your inspiration from there, you chose a good source- and this is a very good take on that type of game.

besides nearly causing me several heart attacks, i loved it!!


endoparasitic was made by miziziziz

really? I had no idea I wonder what other games they have made.


Holy hell this was such a fun play! The controls take some getting used to, but once you do it ends up being really entertaining. Cool game, would play again 👍️


Finally, a game showing the dangers of excessive Twitter and TikTok use. Thank you for broadcasting this.


Reading through the description, I was like "Hey, that sounds just like that one game where you only have an arm!" Then I noticed the previews. Then I noticed I was already following you lol. Looking forward to playing this!

LOVED it! The art, the audio, the gameplay - all top notch! The reloading mechanic is excellent, and super satisfying. My only issue was my hands were really starting to cramp up during my gameplay. Not sure if there's an easy solution to that without butchering the whole walking mechanic, though. Maybe I'm just getting old... Haha. 9/10!


cool game. love how you're also infected with the rot, but it hasn't fully taken over yet which lets you still use some functions of your body but you can't really walk normally. all in all pretty good

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The decorations and the whole setting are so vibrant and high in contrast, I love it. The game communicates the idea that rotting away means turning into other forms of life, and it does so really well. Looks like it takes awesome inspiration from Hotline Miami.

Shiny graphics and catchy audio, cool and relatable^ characters, solid level design. The aiming by taking tiny steps back for more precise movement is really fun, shooting the enemies feels rewarding, and the reloading is really pleasing.

The enemies themselves are both smart and dumb enough for game jam game enemies, and I’m sure you’re already planning to make them more interesting in further versions.

But! I found the current walking controls a total nightmare, confusing and frustrating, and an option to remap the keys would certainly make life easier for some players.

Also I encountered a weird glitch with the text notes: the background of the area where the text should be was sort of transparent and glitched out, so the text on them was mostly unreadable. macOS Ventura, Intel CPU. That’s what I get for not switching to Linux, I guess.

Overall, thank you for this amazing piece of art, really looking forward to playing further versions of the game.

^by “relatable” I mean just as rotten as myself


Love this

How. Do. I. Play. It.

I tried the thing it told me to write and it didnt do anything, please, am i writing it in the wrong place? Is my machine not able to play this?


I think having an option to swap the left and right inputs would be nice. I understand that its to represent each leg but I would find it more intuitive if you turned in the direction you were pressing. 

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Same! I ended up using <D> with my left hand for stepping with the right foot in the left direction, and <Left> with my right hand for stepping with the left foot in the right direction.


Good evening!

Can I complain about your game? Can you not open the doors (those doors that are at the end of the levels) until the player kills all the enemies? These monsters are so clumsy that you can just bypass them and pass the levels without killing.

Another controversial opinion: can you add some kind of negative effect when a player misses the buttons while reloading? I was just hitting the buttons to charge the clip. It seems to me that it will be more interesting this way. The player will have to pay more attention to the clip in order to properly charge it. 

The game is otherwise super! I really like the way you used canvas layer for furniture and walls! Could you tell me how to configure canvas layer so that it works with tile_map? Thanks for attention.


Imo this is a cool idea, but it would be a nightmare for when you're just starting to play. I'd be fine with this if it were an option you could toggle on/off in the menu tho


beat the game. i was thinking "hey, this seems alot like endoparasitic" then i saw it was made by miziziziz and it all made sense with his love for weird control schemes.

And it shares a lot of the codebase too

Very fun game. Keep up the great work! 

Wow your game really impressed me! The manual reload mechanics added a layer of realism to the gameplay, making each encounter with the infected creatures intense and satisfying. The setting and art also did a great job of immersing me in the world of the game. Overall, you did an amazing job with Neural Rot, and I'm excited to see what you come up with next!
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POV you softlocked yourself

btw i found little bug with shotgun where there will falloff two shells insted of one if I only reloaded onebullet

Just got this same softlock. If the intention was to make it close permanently behind the player so they can't backtrack from the next room, maybe the first switch shouldn't stay pressed, and the second switch behind the door could be removed so enemies don't step on it

Shouldn't it be a easy enough to restart the level though? And for the shotgun... do you mean you can only shoot once if you shot one shell?

no I mean that the shotgun drops 2 shells insted of one

Oh? You mean that it shoot once but it uses 2 ammo?


Awesome little game.
Will you be releasing the ost for it? It sounds so good and moody

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Was this game inspired by Endoparasitic, by any chance? The concept of the controls reminds me of it.

EDIT: Just realized that you MADE Endoparasitic. No wonder why it felt like that game to me!


Lol this game does have tank controls to set it apart from Endoparasitic! But there is definitely speedrunning potential here too if you get the movement down pat!

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In the end, I think I ended the game. Had to continue from an autosave after trying to go through the vines, and I got loaded directly in the credits. Thanks a lot for listening, love you both (because I left out one of the members of the team in the previous comments, sowwy).
Now I can rate the game confidently.

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I tried the debug versions that you uploaded. I'm grateful that you are trying to fix the game so quickly, really commendable. For a second, I thought that the crashes were intended and this was either an ARG or a super abstract artistic representation of some kind of disease.

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Edit: So apparently the rot barrier is where the game literally ends. I learnt this after playing the update that came out... Thinking about it, the fact my older version crashed specifically at that part the 3 times I reached it made me think there was more beyond it rip... Anywho, the crashes have been fixed! So disregard what I said below!!!

So uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh like what the others are experiencing in the comment section here, I have also crashed numerous times and I am unable to complete the game as a result of this. Not sure how many people managed to beat the game yet... However, the game is both atmospheric, unique, and a joy to play through once mastered. The lore is quite a treat too! Sadly, the crashes and whatnot really sap my enjoyment from the game. Welp, it is understandable considering this was made for a game jam and the fact it is free :P

Now, for the crashes... Seems like for ANY LOADING SCREEN in the game, there is a small chance for the game to crash.

Pressing "ESC" or the pause button also has a very small chance for the game to crash for some reason (made me scared to press ESC besides making me think ESC closes the game lol).

The "rot barrier" next to the immobile woman ALWAYS crashes for me, so yeah... I cannot go pass it. I tried to go pass it THREE TIMES, so yeah...

So far, I experienced roughly 10 crashes, 1 being me pressing ESC, several from the elevators, and 3 for trying to get pass the bramble. Hopefully this is fixed so I can finish the game! :c


I very much like the game, too bad I can't play it fully for the fact I crash at the elevator at the end of the one room (the one with 3 office chairs and the flower behind the door with the pad. tried to play it twice and both time I crashed at that spot)

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Game crashed three different times on me and had to restart. Regardless, great gameplay mechanics that keeps you on your toes.

it crashed after I pressed enter to respawn and I have to play everything again


The enter key doesn't work on the windows build for me. Can't proceed in dialogue or restart level after death. 


I also got the elevator crash

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A natural step up for miziziziz and his games. Really good :D, but I had a couple crashes, one occurred just as I pressed enter to pass through the vines after giving the rotten girl three ingredients. The enemy AI had its quirks but I suppose the dev already knows that, I'm talking about getting stuck at the doors sometimes. The only other complaint I can make is that the text goes way too fast for a non-native speaker. I can read it twice, but the pace gets hurt by that. Over everything else, what I loved was the new movement mechanics and the reloading. Mastering both was super satisfying. Nice graphics, nice mechanics, nice story, great experience. I'll be waiting, no matter how much, if it means I'll play something as wonderfull again.

Edit: The crashes seem to occur when I press enter as it is prompted, except when talking to the rotten girl. It happens every time I die. That makes this game really hardcore. Edit 2: It happened again, this time I just got into an elevator following the normal game flow. Still couldn't finish the game