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Hello! You made a game with one of the most creatives gameplay I have ever seen, your game feels new - modern. And I would like to work with you! I make ENG - PT BR translations, if you're interested, you can read more about it here.

- Alex

This was a great playthrough, very tense on normal, little room for missing shots. Loved the experience!

Great Game!

Very gory, but nonetheless great!


I had a fantastic time with this. As with all of your games, the unique mechanics are very fun to play around with while the spooky lore and atmosphere are very intriguing. Already looking forward to your next project!

this is genuinely so amazing. the amount of stress and juggling of tasks the player experiences plays so much into the world-building and atmosphere. the graphics are gorgeous, and the physics of the game like the gun recoil gives an extra difficulty and suspense that i really like. one thing that i do miss though is the quiet, original voice of the scientist. there is something more eerie about having an almost silent protagonist who only weakly coughs as if he's already on the verge of death. i found the growls and screams of the new voice to be a little overdramatic for the gameplay. the loud screaming, especially when the guy was getting hurt, would often take me out of the horror experience, but when i tried to mute the voice, it muted all of the SFX in general. perhaps maybe having an "original voice" feature where we can toggle the sound and revert it back to the original jam version would help improve the experience greatly without having to re-record. there's a particular charm to how the original voice sounds that i just can't explain, and the idea of a dying, barely audible protagonist that is forced to quietly suffer throughout the game adds so much more dread and suspense to the whole experience. i would love to see it implemented into the final game.


make an in-browser version


what do you mean web version, buy it or if you want web version, the game jam edition, you're asking too much for a web version of the full game.

It doesn't work on mac m1 :( 

It does if you get it on steam. I have a mac.

it didn’t work for me, I bought the game on steam too. I don’t know if is it a different build. I’ll try again tomorrow :)


Is there a way to get your limbs back



I loved the premise, the mechanics, the inventory system, the enemies, you know- it's a pretty cool indie horror. I'd say buy it now, if it wasn't for one thing. HOLY CRAP THE DIFFICULTY SPIKE AT THE END. Like- the game ramps up difficulty as it goes, and it's cool- the bunch of rooms at the end will test you planning as well as reflexes, but then the final boss happens, and just messes you up EVERY SINGLE TIME. Like- I KNEW what I was supposed to do, but in the end there is no way, but rush the thing, before the minions spawn.


Really fun. Really enjoying the concept.


Saw the devlogs andfound the game really cool  Played the demo while trying to be a cowboy , game launches 

Now i wish i had money to play this


Love the whole concept, gameplay is very intuitive. I got spooked within 5 minutes.


Gave it a Let's Play, stressful as the Jam was, but definitely better. 

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Nice Job Man. Played the jam version. Wish I had money

Coolest horror game concept i’ve seen in a long time


This is bloody amazing.