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If you go fast enough, and save the syringes for when the parisite is close to killing you, because the syringe resets where the parasite is to the bottom, you can get through 3 levels, then on 4, you can use a syringe.


Whew that last level. He was a cowboy in his past life.

Really nice concept. By the last level I was feeling some of that survival horror anxiety. One thing that screws the game up a bit is how you can just drag faster and more rapidly to move at mach speed - it gets rid of the tension in most of the levels.

is the screen supposed to be white when im playing the game on browser with my mac?

White as in no colours or...?

if so, yes

if not (e. you cannot see anything) then no


solution to the last level:

Speed loader


bro my hand was the fastest i've ever seen it, i feel like it was going at mach speed

got the last level is hard.


and there goes a full quarter of my clicks left on my mouse before it breaks, this game was a factor to it.

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Pretty cool game in some way. Just wanna say something about obvious problems I found. I don't want to offend the author of the game (His youtube channel is pretty nice. I like it for videos about making 3D models in PS1 and N64 style). I hope that my critique will be helpful for the creator and everyone who reading this.

1. Game part.

1.1. Game has a small contradiction in some mechanics. It's not scary for the game but strange in some way. Haven't you noticed that? Try to guess by reading following facts:

    a) The player's health decreases over time;

    b) When the player completes the level all his characteristics stays at the same state;

    c) When the player dies he starts the level again with the same state of all characteristics which he had at the start of that level.

Got it? If you complete current level with enough small health you won't be able to complete next level because you won't have much time to cure yourself. After your death you will be in the same situation because your health will be restored to the same state as it was in the beginning of that level. Over and over. It's like some of those situations where you save your game right before the player dies.

It's not scary because the game is small and easy to complete. If the game was big and difficult then players would have to restart the whole game in such situations, as I did when trying to reproduce given problem.

It can be fixed by restoring the health at the beginning of the level a little bit if its value is enough small. This isn't the best solution but it can solve the problem in some situations (Not all situations! Try to guess what will happen if player doesn't have something to cure himself from the last level).

1.2. Not good that player can complete most of the levels without using methods which were given by developer. You don't need to use gun. You can just run through the level maneuvering between the monsters.

Maybe it's not true but I think that developer thought the same and decided to add "hard" level at the end with 5 monsters in tight corridor with a lot of bullets for gun in it.

2. Visual design.

2.1. In my point of view background needs some interesting details. Simple rectangular walls and white floor contrast with the visual of main game objects and inventory.

3. Sound design.

3.1. Pretty good sound design but for having some atmosphere in the game it needs to have more "deep" (?) and "living" (???) sounds in it. Maybe some music. I mean that youtube video of making that game has such music that can build horror atmosphere in some way.

4. Level design.

4.1. The same as visual design. One level has one little joke in it (the end of the level is near to the start and you can't go there due to the wall in front of you). I don't mean that level design must have more jokes but it has to contain more intersting details, as I said for the visual design. Of course if the game was supposed to be detailed in such way by the author.


Game is pretty cool but it has some flaws that can be forgiven due to the fact that it was made for Ludum Dare in 2 days. Why did I write this review? Because I love doing such things. And mostly important because that critique of small games can be helpful for making big games, in my opinion.


The game is fresh and interesting... The last level is not fair though...

Deleted 127 days ago

you just need to speed load and have faith


Great game, love the inventory and reloading mechanics! It's just challenging enough to make it fun!


It's a nice game, the last level was so unfair arms now hurt so much


Love the manual reload. But I find hard closing the inventory :D for some reason I always used mouse wheel.


would have to say, this would make a very excellent mobile game


oh my arm is exhausted from that last level


just go at mach speed and you can finish the level in a matter of seconds

after 50 tries that is

I keep restarting the game to check for extra syringes and other (maybe) things, also, in the third level, I went so fast for that syringe that was in the bottom right corner that the test subject lit turned a full 180 then when I got out of that room another full 180.


The game has a lot of potential! The arm dragging mechanic is annoying, yes, but it fits with the theme of being a 1 arm-no legs guy crawling in a lab. The manual reload is soo good!

tbh i think the arm dragging mechanic was a cool way to cover up the fact that irl you can use two arms and probably reload much faster or move while reloading, so it was  a good way to cover up the singular mouse issue


this game has controls that are too clunky, pair that up with a game that is incredibly difficult and you got grounds for a very unenjoyable game session


Well i think the controls are purposely clunky so that running from monsters is much more difficult then holding down a button and makes such moments much more tens




Doesn't quite teach the player to be ready for the final level in time, didn't really make me that anxious during play, but had a cool concept and employed features that supported that core idea well.


The atmosphere is just so eerie and the fact that you have to manually remove used bullets and put new ones in really makes the game stressful.

Great job!


3 questions.

1:how does this man have so much upper body strength?

2:how has he not bled out yet?

3:what magic parasite removing treatment is outside of his lab?


Answer to the first two: Its a game


a game with a STORY!

yeah i was kinda wondering about 3 like did you just expose humanity to a zombie parasite


Amazing game, you really are one of the best developers out there I love your devlogs, btw as feedback i feel like closing the inventory should be mouse scroll down


It was so cool !


Love it.

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Was really fun, however I didn't pick up the gun in the one level and now I am softlocked in the hallway level. :_(


When I play games, it's to relax and have fun

This was literally the most stress-inducing game of my life lmao

Good job


Absolutely amazing game, the final level was a perfect mix of a mad dash and then lining up good shots

seriously so much fun, everything about it is so unique. I would love to see this game get some more love and polish. The learning curve was a little rough , it helps that all the controls are on the mouse in one place. keep up the great work

This is incredible! You are a master.


nice and fun simple as that

The last level was so difficult but when I pulled it off it was rewarding,you have to be pixel perfect.Good game


Gave it a Let's Play

Super clever and elegant, as always


God damnit I had this manual revolver idea years ago and never finished the game!


Awesome game, I loved how precise you have to be to manage your inventory, the idea of only using your mouse is great and would fit perfectly into some kind of mobile game.

great, as always. would’ve never thought to make a top-down game like this. loading the gun got so frantic for me at the end, gave me that same feeling that resident evil does (the classic ones anyways)


What a fun new experience. I love that all the actions are one-handed making you feel like the character having only one arm. After getting through the last level my arm was worn out, but I'm sure that's exactly how the survivor would have felt! Genius.


Absolutely fantastic! I wonder how you get these morbidly innovative ideas :)

Oh my, it is amazingly made. It was super intense and I could feel the stress of running, trying to save yourself. It is super novel, so creative - just woah.

I particularly loved the mechanic of manually reloading the gun - it felt good reloading by yourself and then knowing that this bullet you're shooting now is shot because you put it into the gun.

This was horrifying. Visceral! Would be curious to know what you started with ahead of the jam. Seems like an incredible amount of work. Well done!


Love this so much! Like a survival horror twist on Getting Over It lol. The movement and reloading mechanics felt great and created a lot of tense moments, that last level especially I was gritting my teeth the whole time lol. Great game!


Man, this was a really intense experience. Despite the extreme minimalism graphically, I really felt sick to my stomach being chased by those things while trying to reload the gun. Great job Miz!


Amazing! Really cool movement system(you can feel the weight of crawling), col looking hp bar and nerve wracking reloading mechanic. Last section was really hard, barely managed it on like 5th try.

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