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OML FINALLY!!! I beat the final level with only two bullets in the beginning. (Btw however many bullets you have when you start mean how easy it will be)

i played the game and it is so hard to beat

Great game

how do i shoot on a mac cause it says left click to shoot but i cant left click and right click at the same time


skill issue

bruh i can cant let go of the mouse pad to left click if im already holding right click cause then it just unequips the gun

also before you ask yes i did it



drag like hell

best reply ever, thank you so much


im rooting for you to defeat the hall of flesh


you dont

I hit escape and it broke


a good game but sadly felt horribly balanced, most systems that felt important to the game were either too hard or completely skippable i felt myself exploring very little of the map and rather just stumbling across the exit. the controls for the character are interesting but the last corridor was just silly i fell it really forces you to use the annoying inventory controls which are frustratingly hard to use; 4 bullets sometimes killed an enemy and other not, altogether very not very fun.


one handed gameplay makes it really easy to jack off to

full game is out now its very fun

i finshed it in 6 mins bruh new record?

i've mastered this games movement and speedloading. i'm pretty sure i could kill a soldier and take his limbs now.


imagine this as a vr game, scooping your body around with one hand, when u have to reload you put the gun on the floor and load the bullets into it



that final level was something


yeah, well i guess right click and left click is not so easy with a magic mouse


And those with a touchpad? Masochismlandia


I'm playing with the touchpad on my laptop since I don't have a mouse. Can't seem to open my inventory by scrolling. Help?


just get a mouse


You are evil.

But he's technically right

You can move with two fingers for a scrolling motion but the right click left click is impossible, so you can beat the game in a pacifist route without ever shooting, hard? Yes. Possible? Yes!

I lost my gun before reloading trainning stage, so I can't kill monsters in alley,please help me.



Sorry bud but you need to restart the whole game

It's done,It's really a good game,I survived in the alley,THANK YOU


hella easy


This is such a tough game,  a spooky combo of stealth, and combat. Grinding that speed reload in the last corridor was a doozy. Managed to get it by doing partial reloads, and when full just shooting that ammo, you won't run out there. 

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Gud :thumbsup:

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good game yes, although i cant make it past the corridor

edit: that was the last corridor, all you need to do is have a full revolver with ABSOLUTELY NO USED B ULLETS even one messes it all up


I had four used bullets..

I fell like a god for beating the game with it


way too difficult for my poor gaming skill, but great game!


all u gotta do is have aful lrevolver, a qucik mosue hand and fast enough reaction time also good health management)

OMG this is amazing!

Awesome game!


Sped through this game my first time through. Now my arm hurts from moving the character so fast.

Just like it would if I was actually dragging myself on the ground and trying to shoot monsters with one arm - quite an immersive experience!


the end is basically impossible loved the idea of this game tho


ur just bad lel


skill issue


Just, do it. You can do it.


six bullets = three shots


Well the difference between a fired bullet and a non-fired bullet is that the fired one will have a dent on the back of the casing due to the hammer/pin hitting the cartridge, whereas a non-fired doesn't have a dent on the back

So failed charge? Because six new bullets doesn't equal three shots and six empty shells otherwise.

did you remove the bullets before firing?


Yeah he just remove the fired bullets and place new ones, the casing of the bullet and the bullet itself are different so yeah, full load is no shots if you are dumb enough, it's basic guns working literally every gun ever how come he not know?


I removed the empty casings that were in the gun at the time. I replaced them with with six fresh rounds and proceeded to pull the trigger more than six times. I only ended up discharging the gun three times followed by three clicks. Upon reloading I discovered that all six shells were empty. I did not forget to reload those three rounds, hence saying six rounds = three shots. I am also fully aware of how the action of a revolver operates, so no shit sherlock.

 This glitch occurred several times, frequently getting me killed.





Could play this as a full game



Very fun!


So cool!!!!

is there a 32x bits ver?

creative mechanics, i love it

Awesome mechanics!


awesome stuff, bit of a difficulty spike for the hallway area but it made for a tense finale. You nailed the feeling of panic with the mechanics too.


GOATED Game my dude


It was awsome but jeez that hallway level is an insane difficulty spike

Man i wanna play the game but its just for laptop and PC 


Game barely runs.


you are right it doesn't even turn on for me


is it just me or my heart is beating fast :D pls help me :D *cough*

youre going to di


that good news right? *cough*


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