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You have been assigned by King Gregura to create a calendar for the newly discovered world of Alyna.

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Impressively entertaining gameplay experience! Celestial Clockwork had me hooked with its engaging mechanics, particularly the thrill of accurately predicting various events, fostering a sense of mastery and expertise with each successful forecast. However, I found myself yearning for additional features to enrich the gameplay further.

One notable aspect that would enhance the overall experience is the inclusion of a pause function. While the constant need for attention certainly adds an element of excitement, it can also become taxing during extended play sessions, leading to moments of unnecessary stress. Introducing a pause feature would offer players the opportunity to take a breather and strategize more effectively.

Furthermore, expanding the game's tempo options could cater to a broader range of preferences. Tough a faster mode is already an option, introducing a slower mode, where the day/night cycle progresses at a more leisurely pace, would afford players more time to contemplate their next move, fostering a more relaxed and immersive atmosphere.

Diversifying the game's content would undoubtedly enrich the player experience. Increasing the duration of seasons and incorporating additional events would add depth and complexity to the gameplay, providing players with new challenges to overcome. Moreover, implementing a more challenging difficulty mode, where events are harder to predict yet still follow discernible patterns, would cater to seasoned players seeking a greater test of their skills.

The inclusion of a save feature would undoubtedly be a welcome addition, particularly for longer game modes. Allowing players to save their progress would enable them to engage with Celestial Clockwork over extended periods without fear of losing their hard-earned achievements.

In summary, Celestial Clockwork presents a compelling foundation with ample potential for expansion and refinement. Should the development team choose to explore these avenues further, I am eager to embark on an even more immersive journey through the celestial realms. A solid 4 out of 5, with high hopes for future playthroughs!

Best regards,

Adrian Boek

Very nice game ! unfortunately I looked the game jam video on your youtube channel, so it was mostly spoiled for me.

I would say it is too forgiving with the bad prevision. If an event occurs before you thought it would, you didn't predict it, so it does not reset your "two in a row" prediction. I think it should.

And as always with a good game-jam game, I'd love to see more of the same !

Really interesting concept and game! I got everything but the eclipses. I'm not sure how they work. I spent multiple years just trying to spot one, but never did. Maybe I just wasn't observant enough.

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- - - Spoiler Warning - - -

I think you meant the solstices. The only thing you can actually observe here while looking at the sun/moon on the screen is that it appears higher up/lower in the sky. 

To get the necessary data you will need to note down the shadow length.  When the shadow is the shortest it's the summer solstice and when the shadow is the longest it's the winter solstice.


fun game! didnt expect know what to expect & felt very cozy solving this puzzle

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I just watched the video and the game idea intrigued me. So lucky that the game got uploaded already.
I will update this comment after playing it. :)

 - - - Update - - -

I am a qualified Astronomer from now on! No, but for real. A few days ago I was thinking about how interesting a sundial actually is and how people back in the day came up with this idea so seeing a game with a concept like this just a few days later made me really happy

It took me 30 Minutes to figure everything out in the end (definitely not because I had to google translate what a solstice actually is haha... not that the dev actually gave us a hint in the tutorial).

Even though the game only consists of note taking and predicting, I genuinely enjoyed taking my time and get the information I needed to call myself a genius now. 


I saw all of this happening right in front of me. She became as astronomical wizard!