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could it be possible to get the steam key? i brought the game off of

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yeah sure, do you have an email you want it sent to?

You can email me at with the email address you purchased it with and I can send it to you

sure! i just sent you an email.


Can you make a demo please?


I came from the devlogs so I was wondering how updated this is?


Sorry if this is dumb but if I buy on is it possible to get a steam key?

yeah I can email you one if you want

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Wow thanks! Glad to hear it

I purchased the game from here instead of directly from Steam, but it didn't include a Steam key in the end. Could you also generate a key, please?

Certainly, How should I send it to you?

Whatever way that is easier for you :) Email?

Sure, whats your email?

Deleted 2 years ago