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breaking bad is better


Was I the only one expecting that turning off the emergency lights would make it super dark? lol i had a sigh of relief there


Incredible work!


I always appreciate nonstandard gameplay setup or mechanics for the expanding the vision of what you wanted to do. Although my wrist hurt by the end, I still liked the atmosphere. I understand this was a game jam but some thing I'd do differently or add:

1 - the computer terminal part was cool, if the game was longer it would be neat to see it used more.

2- "zombies" stop chasing after a certain distance

3 - an "easy" more with slower zombies and a bit more health

4- a "look" key one can hold down to look farther (think Hotline Miami)

however I'm gonna be honest: jumpscares are f-ing lazy nonsense and just ruin tenseness in horror games, for real. Took my enjoyment of the game down a few points.

Overall, for a game jam game it is very creative and quality and pretty spooky. However, it needs some quality of life improvements if it was a fuller game (and please ditch the jumpscares!)

that unexpected jumpscare in the end of the game it scared me a lot also it took me a lot of time to figure out the computer works without watching any walkthroughs very good game though


I really like the controls. A little difficult for high speed rotation, but they feel very intuitive. The art is really good, too. Hate the jumpscare, though. Felt cheap imo. 

nice those controls really made me full uncomftarble like i was using a wheelchair but they are too difficult, glad that scene where you had to wait for the monsters to follow you and turn was so short because i spent 10 minutes there and was about to quit overall awesome work you are very skillful


fantastic work as usual, the ending was hilarious


I really like the visuals, and honestly really liked the controls.

Controls are difficult, but I think it was on purpose. I almost died from a heart attack at the end, but is a nice game.

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Yep, that was fun, love the controls. As always, wishing there were more levels to it. Feel like some possibilities were left unexplored, but I guess that whats you get from a jam game.

Maybe next time, add a revolver that you have to manually load bullet by bullet? xD

I've enjoyed, well not really, controls are hard as they supposed to be. 

I miss that the doctors recipe weren't part of another puzzle. 

Great mood.

It was fun to play overall.


Great mood and similar to Endoparasitic's vibes.

Not so player friendly controls, I assume at least mostly by design. Definitely a Miziziziz's game ;-)


This man always inventing innovative and unique movement systems. 

Ending = Jump scare = bad 


damn you miziziziz for the ending


Fun romp, the atmosphere and controls felt good. If the game was developed further the computer terminal mechanic could go a long way with deciding how you want the upcoming puzzle to be structured eg. turning off door controls that let more enemies in to redirect to sprinklers to extinguish a fire

It was super fun! I can't wait to see more and play other games that you make!


Cool game, that ending was uncalled for though 


didn't like the ending, not cool man.

Amazing mood, I like the controls, actually.  I wonder what they would be like using the mouse wheel instead of click and drag.

For the controls, click the wheel and then drag up/down to turn that wheel specifically. I was clicking the person and trying to drag left/right and that doesn't work. Wish the game paused when you were reading a letter or the people stopped following when they can't see you.

you need to drag up/down the wheels, not the person, In my case I only needed to drag up/down one wheel, it's enough


The pacing of the game is nice, mechanics are a bit unstable, but towards the end, the game is enjoyable and fun. Good Job. 

People are saying the controls are hard but i think it fits perfectly with it's intention. I thought the one armed guy game was way harder, didn't even finish that one lol. The only critic is I think the wheel chair sounds get a little annoying


Not sure what the purpose of the computer was, but the game was fun :D

you can turn on the fire suppression system if you disable all the others and the green radioactive stuff goes away


It's shown that these zombie guys are slow and you hear a crackling sound, and you feel bad when they are near, so how did this one sneak up on you?


miz, I love the games you make.


I finished this game and was so relieved and then that jump scare got me lmao


Original as always, I agree controls are kinda rusty tho


Controls on this are brutal.... Can we use arrow keys?


That's the point, the controls are supposed to be tricky because you`re in a wheelchair.

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Confirming the posts by other users - at least in Chrome the custom cursor doesn't seem to load or get applied (not sure which), so when hovering over the game window there's no cursor visible.

Also, I notice in the network tab that the game is *constantly* trying to load png blobs. If the game area is visible, the network tab just goes crazy. At least it's not actual network traffic, but still seems inefficient.

fixed it, I think

Just confirming for you, the cursor does work now, yes.

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i literally cant move and the mouse dont appear, i'll wait for another version with a solution

fixed it, I think

I play on and my mouse always disappear when I hover in inside the game, so I can’t really play. Not sure if it’s just me or not.

fixed it, I think


A bit tough at the end, but managed to finish it
Nice little experiment


Hi miziziziz, just played your game. I wonder, hmm, the controls are kinda..hard? However, I like the sfx and the envinronment it brings to the player. Good luck for the jam :)