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good game very hard but fun

I supported it, do I get a .p8 file? Thanks!

Is source code available? Would love to have a look at how the language is written.


Fun game - really love your output on youtube too :)


Here's a bug: ghosts that die when they touch you increase the kill count.  So dying is the easiest way to rack up a high score.


I know

got to 60 kills

nice fun game.. love the boomerang implementation.

Neat lil game but the CTRL and R sometimes screws up the HTML player. 

Fun little game. I quite like the boomerang animation.


Upload the game to the Pico-8 BBS. That way, people will be able to play the game from Splore. Makes everything much easier.

I tried, wouldnt accept the cart

It might be because you uploaded the .p8 file and not the .p8.png file.